Sorg Uten Tårer

"Lonely star won't you kiss me for once?.. Let me join you, in your eternal dance..."

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Shadow Symphony


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In a drowsy darkness, I was roused by a caw Blinking the fatigue away, I stared at the sky Black clouds roamed above, as if nights have found a way to crawl Into morning's place, only there was a dim and distant light What's with all the stench, as if everything was dead and rotting The dirt was dry and lifeless, cranked as I got up to my feet Then, I realized, this was not the World, that I know I was in a dark reflection of it Then, I realized this world was Devoid of light This was just a shadow of my world As I walked along Places where I used to live All I could recall Were shadowy dark memories Nothing colorful and Happy came to my mind This was when I saw The shade of someone I know A perfect clone of Someone I used to hate She walked as if in a dream In slow motion and absent When I called her by her name She didn't even seem to know me No shade in this shadow of a world Ever knew where they wandered like a doll Lost in melancholimare They were locked in a prison of their sorrow Their eyes looked but they never saw Anything else than their misfortune As I tried to converse with the shade I was drawn into their dark despair I swore that I would stop Trying to talk to the shade Else I Would drown and become one of them So as I walked towards the light I passed by all the crying shades of People I Once used to know where I came from I would never be a shade I would never lose, to shadows wish I'd never seen what I then saw in distance It was my home wrecked, in ruins, but the same My heart almost froze I stepped in through the broken door There, wrapped in grief Sat the one shade I couldn't ignore "Do you know who am I" I said No, what are you doing in my house? "You may not remember me, we met years ago" Are you the new neighbor, does your phone work? Mine never does Also the fridge is broken, the pool is fetid, no water comes off the pipes, I m always ill, I dont remember the last time I laughed, my pills are lost, no visitor ever comes here, I cut my finger on the broken windows, oh I wish I could be happy No, I will never leave you here I won't let you suffer here You won't get to live like this I will take you back to light No, you may not know who I am We are lovers in my world You know I look like Someone you once knew Wait, do I know you? It's me, don't you remember? Who are you? What are you doing in my house? I'm, I am the new neighbour I didn't know I had a new neighbour, does your phone work? Yes, it does, you can use it, why don't you come with me? I really can't Why? I just can't, leave me alone Thank you for the love you gave me Thank you for the inspiration Thank you for sharing with me All the secrets you once had Thank you for being with me Thank you for having loved me Thank you for smiling when I Told you that I'll never leave you Alone... I know all the shadow and despair in this land Is finally getting to me, I'm drowning Even if I don't reach the light Even if I forget who I am, without a clue Whatever melancholy and sadness we fight I'll become my own shadow, beside you In a drowsy darkness, I was roused by a caw Blinking the fatigue away, I stared at the walls Blood stains painted it, as if it's been washed by it There was no water, there was only a rythmic sob What's with all the pouting, as if she was hurt constantly Her eyes were wet, dried tear stains painted her cheeks Then, I realized, this was not the World, that I know This was just a dark reflection of her Then, I realized this world was Devoid of sound This was just a shadow symphony sang in despair Let this hell be our heaven An adaptation of "What Dreams May Come" by Richard Burton Matheson