Sorg Uten Tårer

"I know how the silver moon sings... I've heard every word and note it brings... I know how you feel; your blood boils"

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Est Sularus Oth Mithas


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Est Sularus Oth Mithas I swear by the measure My honor is my life I fight for the oath Let silver moon sing to us Of Brightblade's sacrifice Of Huma Dragonsbane Of the Rose Rebellion Let kingfisher shine Of the armors of the knights The crown the sword and the rose Witness the oath of knight Est Sularus Oth Mithas I swear by the measure My honor is my life I fight for the oath Est Sularus Oth Mithas I swear by the measure My honor is my life I fight for the oath
I believe in the darkness, inside us all I draw my magic, from the threads of the night My robes are the color of my heart I walk a way thats abandoned by the light I will tear all my bonds apart I will be the strongest magus I will challenge the gods themselves I will be the master of the past and the present And the future
Seduction from hell.. She came to me one night Singing to my heart Reaching deep inside Scouring my whole mind Enslaving me All my memories Were those of her Whip with one hand Nurse by the other I was a free man nomore When you are lost in hell Beware of the succubus Mistress of the fire Burning within men Her charms never fail On the faithful or the liar She seduced countless men They who once were and nomore are She is so Unreachable Her eyes glow with desire I Am noone Compared to my mistress of the fire No I must soon break off the chains of her lust Else I'll perish and become a memory In her blackened heart
Feel the freezing breeze Of the winds of the ocean Taste the salty air Bathe in icy waves Ripe lands to the west Wait for us to pluck them Maidens for the men and Wealth for the clan Men on the rows Wind in our sails Stars will guide us to shores Where we will bring wage war Riches to be shared Virgins to give birth to our sons Towns to be set on fire They must be ours Blood on our swords Taste of fear in the air The rightfull owner of your lands Has come collect the taxes Blood on our hands Haze of greed in our eyes The rightful owner of your women Has come to sow the seeds
A score of winters've gone by Still I recall that night I smile with the left eye And cry with the right Fear of the elven wrath Lost in a dream dance Lost in the purple eyes Of Lady Starbreeze The night was jealous of Her ebony hair Bards sing of her skin Whiter than snowflakes Even among the elves The fairborn of the gods She was an elf Beyond the elves No man could resist Lady Alhana Starbreeze Be it a lovely glance Or a sword through the guts The moment I was bestowed With her starjewel Time has ceased to flow My heart was mine nomore The queen of silvanesti Has bound our hearts forever All three moons has witnessed The kiss she landed my lips She told me to whisper Her name in the starjewel As long as death don't part us We will be two halves of the whole Never forget me Until the end of time Your name will be only thing I whisper Using the last breath of mine
Jon Ndtveidt, The Soulreaper Prophet of The Black Light With Liber Azerate besides you With Honor, You chose the time to leave Yourself.. Jon Ndtveidt, The Soulreaper Rest In Chaos..
Your life sets on the horizon, the new stars will guide you Eyes of the warrior who slew you, now a distant memory Pictures from the past life of the one you now name who Love is forgotten, so is pain and so is hate, gone in one last breath [Solamnic Death Chant - Weiss & Hickman] ... Return this man to Huma's breast Beyond the wild, impartial skies; Grant to him a warrior's rest And set the last spark of his eyes Free from the smothering clouds of wars Upon the torches of the stars. Let the last surge of his breath Take refuge in the cradling air Above the dreams of ravens where Only the hawk remembers death. Then let his shade to Huma rise Beyond the wild, impartial skies. ...